Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome to my world...

What I think this blog will be...and I'm probably gonna change it anyway.😉

So...this will be a personal blog, as opposed to our professional website at or at our nonprofit's website I'll probably talk about my books, our recordings, concerts, programs etc....after all that is very much what I am about , but largely this will be a blog with some short essays, some of my artwork maybe... or whatever the heck strikes me as interesting.

You can see what I'm about, professionally, all over the web but here we can simply talk about ... well, just about stuff. I'm interested in a lot of things, and not all THAT interested in myself per se, so let's see where this take us, shall we?

I've been happily married to the wonderful, blazingly talented Jim Dalton for three decades as of 2013. Our adventures are many, and our friends say I should write about them, so probably I shall...stay tuned for that.

Ok. So finally I've started. If you share my interests join me and I'd like to hear your thoughts too.

My interests? uh oh. Get ready....

This is a mix of my professional experiences and my multiple curiosities.

  • music
  • singing
  • public history
  • editing, writing
  • education
  • ritual
  • early childhood education
  • gardening
  • neurobiology, developmental biology
  • philosophy
  • folklore, 
  • the nonprofit world, 
  • art history, 
  • American history, 
  • public speaking, 
  • creative arts, 
  • performing arts, 
  • scholarly research, 
  • storytelling, 
  • guitar, harp, piano, 
  • voiceover, 
  • painting, calligraphy,
  • performances of all kinds, 
  • theater performance, acting, 
  • historical programming, 
  • college teaching, K-12 teaching, adult education, 
  • Apple computers and technology/technology in general
  • local history, 
  • copy editing, 
  • social media, 
  • art, 
  • lecturing, 
  • language arts, 
  • museum education, 
  • entertainment, 
  • arts advocacy, newspapers, magazines, 
  • education of kids with challenges (especially autism), 
  • mask making, 
  • current events, progressive politics, 
  • comparative religion 
  • social justice 
  • more!
Share any of these interests? Share with me!